Sandra Downey

S.Downey PL 1Sandra Downey’s passion is taking good health a step further. She believes overall well being is attributed to a focus on mind, body and spirit balance. Although we are living longer many Boomers have growing concerns around maintaining overall well being as we age.  We are inundated with information on the importance of diet and physical fitness as a means of maintaining good health.

Sandra’s passion is exploring simple, low cost methods of self care that can be practiced by anyone, at any time. Through her company, Lighthouse Training & Consulting, she shares the tools that allow us to navigate life’s challenges and optimize the mind, body, spirit balance.  Her contribution to Planet Longevity will be focused on opening doors to methods of self care that will allow us to live better as we live longer.

After enjoying a successful career in the corporate environment Sandra sought to explore methods  of self care that complemented traditional medicine.  The interest was driven by the changes she experienced and observed in those around her when navigating midlife challenges.  Sandra has her B.A. and is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Reflexologist. 

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